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Why not a trial period for Harper?

In this morning’s Globe and Mail, Roy MacGregor asks “Why not a trial period for a Harper government” (sorry – no link – this is only available to Globe online subscribers, which I am not), and references the King/Byng affair.  The theory is that after a non-confidence vote the GG might ask Harper to try to form a government, rather than go to the polls.  Opinion polls today are showing widespread disgust with the Liberals, but no desire to have an election.

Opinion polls aside, it seems clear to me that it’s spring cleaning time on the hill.  The Liberals may be able to govern again in the future, but for now what’s needed is to remove the Liberal influence from the workings of government.  They can’t credibly investigate themselves.  We need to replace the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, and then clear out the bureaucrats and the top mandarins who run the government. 

So, why not a governing coalition with the mandate to clean house?   Do we need to go to the polls to do that?

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