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Let’s have an election

Let’s have an election.

The ban is lifted, and you can read / view much of Jean Brault’s testimony courtesy of the CBC.  It’s unbelievable stuff.  For instance:

Brault revealed that he cut a deal with (Liberal Party organizer) Corriveau in the spring of 1998 to return to the Liberal party 10 per cent of the 12 per cent commission fees he charged on sponsorship contracts. These “IOUs,” he said, were masked through false invoices.

You can boil it down to this: Liberal Party Capos were racketeers who extorted money from the faithful to line party coffers.

This is Chretien’s Legacy, and Paul Martin is the guy who has to take the fall for it.  Do the honourable thing, Paul. Admit that the Liberal Party doesn’t have the moral authority to govern anymore. Resign, and call and election. 

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  • Jim Courtney April 9, 2005, 3:22 pm

    What does one expect from a leader (Chretien) who won his first election on the basis of cancelling an airport contract with no compensation to the harmed parties? and cancelling a helicopter contract on similar terms? All we got hit with for the effort were bills exceeding $1B with no return when the courts ruled that, if you sign a contract with the government, you are entitled to have a chance to execute and make your profit. And so these contractors got their profit without having to perform (in spite of their initial best intentions).

    Integrity in leadership was never one of Chretien's traits.

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