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Porting to WordPress

Phew. Getting the hang of PHP, and cascading style sheets.  I probably ought to have learned something about these some time ago, but it’s never too late, as they say. 

Most of the old Alec Saunders .LOG is now here in one form or another.  I’ve ported over almost all the posts, photographs, and stories.  I’ve also spent time tweaking the template to be more to my liking (this may be the final look, or I may go back to something a little more colourful, haven’t decided… I kind of like the spare, but elegant look of this template).  All that really remains is a little cleanup — add some features (like the Bloglet subscription, and webring links) from my old blog to the new one, and resolve links that still exist to the old one.  Hence the designation Release Candidate.

So, what did I get in this transition from Radio?

  1. A newer, more modern editing system.
  2. More space.  My hoster, Overland Web Hosting, gives me 500M of space to play with as opposed to the 90M I had at Userland.
  3. More control.  I can now put up photo albums, discussion boards, wikis — you name it, and I can have it attached here. 
  4. Backups.  It’s my data, and I can back it up. 

Stay tuned.

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