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Now a target for PR agencies

I’ve become the target of public relations agencies, simply because I blog. This arrived in email today. I wrote her back to tell her I had already tried her product, and didn’t find it a productivity enhancement in any way. Eye-candy, and nothing more.



I thought you might be interested in this….

Like the look and feel of Macintosh computers without the Mac’s hefty pricetag? Design skins, widgets and objects of any kind, even icons with the ability to zoom on mouse-overs. Design custom weather monitors, stock tickers, news readers, MP3 players, calculators- you name it. These widgets can increase productivity and usability while decreasing your feelings of frustration over Windows design. Upload your favorite desktop and browse what others have made at www.wincustomize.com.

Let me know if you are interested in designing your own desktop- I’m happy to send you a copy of DesktopX from Stardock.


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