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I am on the way back from San Jose and digging through my email inbox.  One item that came to me yesterday was the announcement that Avaya would provide IP Telephony capabilities on mobile phones based on the Symbian OS.  With this capability, Avaya will make mobile phones into fully functioning extensions on the corporate PBX, even while the phones are mobile.

Some of the scenarios in the story included:

  • A salesperson could take a call in the field on a mobile phone, and then transfer that call through the corporate PBX to an assistant or call center to complete an order.
  • A doctor could attend to a patient request using a mobile phone and offer a diagnosis routed through a PBX so that the cell number remained anonymous.
  • Financial brokers, who are presently unable to conduct trades via cell phones because legally the calls must be recorded, will now be able to do so from the road as the calls are logged through a PBX where they can be recorded.

The first phones to ship with this feature will be the from Motorola, using the Nokia Series 60 platform.

This seems like a place where RIM should play too. The new 7270 would be a killer product if it had cellular and WiFi, and not just WiFi.

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