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Day 2 at VON: The two key-notes I saw this morning were Jeff Pulver, and Jon Miller CEO of AOL.  Jeff’s speech was his usual delightful mix of anecdotes, and encouragement to think big(ger).  If you’ve never seen him speak before, it’s always fun, and usually you learn something too.

Jon Miller announced that AOL will be in the voice services business within a month.  They’ve paired up with Sonus and Level(3) to build the network.  The software, what I could see of it, looked like a well integrated product offering that will be a logical extension of the AOL brand. It will combine the AIM buddy list, and other properties by AOL like AOL by Voice and AOL Voicemail into a single integrated offering. In other words, it looked as if someone has finally gotten it right, and it will “just work”.

It’s hard to understand the importance of AOL entering this market.  The giant of the internet industry will be pushing VoIP to it’s membership, built as a logical extension of their most valuable feature.  What will the world look like in 12 months?

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