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Michael Gartenberg thinks that context is the next killer app.  Kind of a misnomer, that, because context, while a powerful tool, is not really an application. Still, Michael’s got the right idea.  He writes:

“Digital ubiquity is a reality; relevant access to information, both personal and professional, in multiple venues on multiple devices, is no longer a dream. The key to leveraging the freedom that this brings is understanding that there’s no killer application for digital ubiquity. Having the appropriate devices delivering what users need, when they need it, is what’s critical.”

Digital ubiquity brings all kinds of benefits.  We live and work in an always-on, 24×7 society.  Being able to be reached, wherever I am, is a huge benefit.  It also generates a massive number of interruptions during the day, which is a big problem.  I’m inundated with calls all day.  Wouldn’t it be great if my phone knew which calls were important to me?

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