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Blackberry 7290

I retired the Motorola MPx200 last week.  As much as I loved this phone, the radio was an 1800/1900 unit, and completely impractical in Ottawa.  Reception was always spotty, and battery minimal as the poor thing valiantly tried to keep a signal alive by increasing the gain on the radio.

I replaced it with a Blackberry 7290.  This quad band unit has great reception, great battery life, and can do email too!  So far, I like it a lot.

Motorola HS820I also grabbed a Motorola HS-820 headset, and a D-Link DBT-120 bluetooth interface for my PC.  Both are a little tricky to set up (I highly recommend a visit to support.dlink.com to read the Windows XP SP 2 directions), but the end result is excellent.  Sound quality is very high, and the HS-820 is so light and comfortable that you almost don’t notice that you’re wearing it.

Cutting the cord eliminates one of my biggest complaints with PC telephony – the cord. I can now roam wirelessly around my office chatting on Skype, or a SIP softphone.  Similarly, I can be up to 30 feet away from my cell phone and answer it.  

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