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I just had a great customer service experience.  Iotum uses Monster for recruiting.  In the past I’ve always just bought an advertisement using my credit card, but last week I decided to open an account.  We have a few jobs to recruit for at the moment, and it’s cheaper to buy postings in bulk.  Anyway, I applied for the account online on Thursday January 20th.  I received an email, acknowledging my application, and telling that my inventory would be online within two days once the credit details had been verified.   It’s been a busy week, though, and I just got back to this this afternoon.

My inventory was not online, and my account had not been verified.  I need to post those postings today though!

I telephoned Monster, and spoke with Sylvie Brunelle.  I explained the problem. She apologized, and explained that they had had some turnover in the accounting department recently.  Then she said “Send me the job postings, and I will post them myself so that they’re online for you over the weekend“.  Wow!  Sylvie took ownership of my problem, and promised it would be fixed.  That’s the key to great customer service.

Oh, and by the way, if you know any hard core coders, or QA experts, send them my way.

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