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I’m 41 Today

Another year older.  I’m 41 today, which means that I was over the hill LAST year, and now I’m just coasting.  This year I’ve been inundated with birthday cards – a side effect of Plaxo.  I’ve found myself sending more cards to friends who have birthdays, also. I’ve also noticed that electronic cards are getting better all the time.  Check this one out, from my friend Kristine over at Versatel Networks. 

We had the birthday dinner last night, since my parents left to go back to Victoria this morning. 

  • President’s Choice seafood hors d’oeuvres, wrapped in filo pastry, and accompanied by Robert Mondavi 2001 Johannisberg Riesling.  This inexpensive ($14.95 at the LCBO) wine is a delightful and classic semi-sweet riesling, right down to the whiff of petrol in the bouquet.  With ripe fruit flavours of melon and pear, it’s a true pleasure to drink and easy on the budget.
  • Baked atlantic salmon, with stir-fried vegetables and rice, accompanied by a 1999 Duckhorn Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc ($39.95 at the LCBO).  Although I adore this wine, the amazing bouquet I remember wasn’t there any longer.  The taste was balanced, rich grassy citrus with a touch of american oak and malo-lactic fermentation to give the wine body.  Still a great bottle, but past it’s prime.
  • Angel cake, with fruit and whip cream, accompanied by Colio Estate 2002 late harvest Vidal ($10.95 at the LCBO).  For the money, Ontario late harvest wines are an outstanding buy.  They’ve got great concentration of flavour, usually one half to one quarter the price of an icewine, and almost as nice.  This one delivered in spades, with a powerful nose, and concentrated apricot flavours. 

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