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Bellster is Jeff Pulver’s newest business.  It’s a great idea, and one that a few of us at Iotum seriously kicked around about a year ago as well.  The concept is simple:  for much of the day your telephone line is unused.  Why not allow others to use it as an outbound calling gateway?

In its current incarnation, Bellster requires you to put up an Asterix PBX.  Asterix, of course, is an open source project, and thus costs nothing more than the hardware to implement.  It (Asterisk) is, unfortunately, not for mere mortals, but Bellster has several suppliers willing to sell you a turnkey solution.

Bellster has 150 nodes running in just the last couple of days.  It will be a very interesting experiment to watch.  If you can shrink the formfactor and cost of the Bellster node to an IAD or router/gateway, then you have a real chance of completely disrupting the telecom industry.  Nobody would ever pay for anything but local telephone access again, and that would be a declining business as more and more people switched over to the Bellster network.

Go go go Jeff!

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