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via email from my good friend Doug Willoughby, who is a Victoria resident:

saw Daily Planet last night on Discovery channel and they were giving very indepth and technical coverage to the tsunami disaster… very informative and nice to watch a report that newsroom producers haven’t put their respective spins on the info….. point being was that the BC coast last had a similar quake in the 1700’s and the scientists explained that ‘normally’ and through evidence analyzing, including taking topographical silt core samples, that these events happen every 500 to 700 years. While it could happen anytime of course, we could get hit by a bus at anytime too. The scientists also talked indepth about the warning system we have on our coast and said that Victoria would have a couple of hours warning so people could prepare and get to high ground. Talked to the RCMP and they said normal warning would have police and safety vehicles broadcasting on loudspeakers etc to warn residences in likely affected areas to leave now and offer asistance to those who don’t have cars.

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