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The Number of the Ring

Just got my notification from Amazon that they’ve shipped my copy of the Platinum Extended Edition of LOTR: Return of the King.  Yippee! 

I’ve been thinking about having a marathon LOTR party for a while.  Get together and serve finger food, and watch all three extended edition DVDs in one day.  Wondered how much material that would be, so I added up the running times for the movies.  Fellowship Extended Edition — 208 minutes.  Two Towers EE — 208 minutes again.  Return of the King EE — 250 minutes.  And… oh.. this is spooky… it adds up to 666 minutes of running time.  666 … the Number of the Ring?

That’s 11 hours and six minutes.  Counting on bathroom breaks, ordering some pizza for supper, and so on… it’s probably a noon to midnight marathon.

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