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Ephraim Schwartz on AT&T

Veteran reporter Ephraim Schwartz covers his dinner with AT&T’s Hossan Eslambolchi.  Fascinating stuff.  According to Eslambolchi, AT&T is a data company, not a voice company, and their future is "Services over IP", or SoIP.  I think they’ll need to involve the marketing department before they go public with that name.

What does that mean? As an example, according to Eslambolchi, AT&T can already predict the emergence of new viruses using stochastic analysis.  Merely by analyzing the 1700 TB of data they carry on a daily basis, they can see new viruses in the wild before they spread.

Eslambolchi also drops hints about AT&T’s WiMAX plans.

As I’ve said before, AT&T is reconstructing it’s pre-breakup, coast to coast network.

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