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Pingtel to be the RedHat of the IP PBX World

Pingtel has completed its transition from being a hardware company to being a software only company.  This news story from TMCNet tells all. 

It looks like a gutsy move, designed to give incumbents like Nortel, Mitel, Cisco, and Avaya heartburn.  Instead of buying a PBX, use PingTel’s open source on a subscription basis. 

But is it that gutsy?  At the end of the day, many enterprises buy monthly services from their carriers for $30 to $50 per seat.  The cost of the PBX is incidental to the services costs.  Most of the large equipment manufacturers have programs that build the cost of the PBX right into the monthly charge.

What’s the difference between that model and the model of open source subscriptions?  Not much.  Pingtel’s move looks like a pricing play wrapped in open source marketing hype to me. 

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