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Six prognostications from Andy Abramson

Andy Says… and then he gives six predictions:

1. Yahoo becomes your phone company.  Hugely probable, for all the reasons Andy cites, plus the fact that Sylantro has just announced next generation software that works with them. 

2. Microsoft becomes your phone company. I think this less likely.  Microsoft wants to be your VoIP technology supplier, rather than your service company.  Think “Powered by Microsoft” logos on all your favorite phone company brands. 

3. AOL becomes your phone company.  Absolutely!  In fact, here inj Canada, AOL Canada is rolling out a voice network.  It’s already happening

The general case: look for buddy lists to become the public voice directory… MSN, AOL, and Yahoo all have plays here.

4. There will be shakeout within the VoIP industry sooner than people realize.  Sooner than people realize, and not soon enough.  The only VoIP carrier making remotely rational business decisions at the moment is Vonage.

5. Look for the mobile carriers in the USA to become VoIP partners.  Look for some of them to become VoIP carriers too.  The business models, and consumer value prop are almost identical.  The impact on mobile carriers, however, will be entirely due to …

6. WiFi with VoIP.  And mobile dialtone becomes a commodity…

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