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Colby Cosh on the Libertarian Harper

Cosh had a great piece on Harper’s libertarian tendencies.  Wish I’d read it yesterday, because I would have forwarded it to a lot of people I know.

I was asked recently what my own political leanings are, because as many people know, I vote Conservative.  Why? Well, the Conservative Party is probably the best of a series of bad choices in my mind.  I believe in conservative spending policy, lower taxes, and breeding a greater culture of self reliance. That would make me a fiscal conservative.  However, when it comes to moral and social issues I am more of a libertarian, than anything else.  Frankly, I don’t care what Randy White thinks about gay people, for instance.  But he shouldn’t have the right to hijack the Conservative agenda, or jam his opinion down voter’s necks.  His religious and moral convictions need to be discussed with the people he goes to church with, and not the media.

If there’s one thing I’m disappointed about when it comes to Stephen Harper it’s that he doesn’t go far enough with this libertarian streak of his.  Having a free vote on gay marriage in the commons is a collossal waste of time and money.  That’s a failure of leadership.

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