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How will former PC’s vote?

Don over at Talk Canada has been writing about former PC voters, such as myself, who are supporting the new Conservative Party.  He noted that I had written previously of my disagreement with Alliance Policies, but that I now support the new Conservative Party.  I still stand by what I had written in disagreement.  However, the new Conservative Party has backed away from the triple-E senate, and citizens initiatives, for the time being.  People also know that I disagree with many Conservatives on the subject of gay marriage. While I think the approach of allowing MPs to “vote their consciences” is a cop-out, it’s probably the only approach which isn’t political suicide.

Stephen Harper gets full marks from me for his pragmatic approach to building a more inclusive and electable party.  He knows the job he has to do, and so long as I have a voice as a party member I am content.  Now let’s go teach the Liberals a lesson in humility.

By the way, do you think that Paul Martin has changed his last name to McGuinty?  His health care promises certainly sound familiar…

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