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Wireless Networked Music

This afternoon I was working away in my home office, making phone calls and generally trying to be productive. I had the doors shut, and was as hermetically sealed in my office as I could be.  It wasn’t enough.  The stereo, unfortunately, is in the living room, right outside my office door. On the other side of the house we have a sunroom, which Janice has converted to a small studio, where she spends a good part of each day working on a series of pastels that she’s had in mind for a while. And you know artists… well, the music was blasting, and despite the fact that my doors were closed, it was nearly impossible to have a telephone conversation. 

It’s her birthday tomorrow, and I have solved the problem with a Creative Labs Wireless Media Source unit.  This little ditty (and it is little!) takes MP3 or WMA streams wirelessly from your network, decodes them, and sends them to any amplified speakers you want.  The entire control UI is encapsulated in a small LCD display on the remote control.  You can choose playlists, shuffle, repeat, genre, and a bunch of other ways to play the music. 

I configured it this evening, and installed it in her studio after she went to bed.  I’ll give her the remote in the morning, along with the latest Diana Krall recording.

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