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Google muzzles political free speech

Via Randy: the Y-Que Trading Post has been banned as a Google advertiser for promoting t-shirts that say (amongst other things):

Recall Bush – White T-shirt (with radio control on head)
Dumb and Dumber White T-shirt – Bush and Blair: The Movie
You’re Fired – George W. Bush White T-shirt
Dump Cheney White T-shirt – “Halliburton” tattooed across head
Miserable Failure T-shirt – George W. Bush
Kerry sucks (too) – T-shirt

Google’s explanation?  “Google AdWords has a policy of not permitting advertisements for language and site content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization.”

Talk about inconsistency!  On the one hand, any site may be listed in Google, including anti-semitic hate mongers.  On the other hand, Google AdWords has such a stifling policy with respect to allowable advertising content, that legitimate political free speech is banned from advertising.

Get a grip guys!  It’s an election year!

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