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SQL Server on my latop? WTF!

Sneaky Microsoft has done it again.  I just installed Office 2003 Professional Edition.  It has a slick, beautifully crafted user interface.  Typical of the Office team’s attention to detail, it has ironed out all kinds of problems with the old product.  Word now has a viewer mode that brings up documents in beautiful cleartype text.  Outlook has a side-by-side preview window which uses the viewer.  And it makes extensive use of semi-transparent windows for new message notifications and so on.

There was a little ditty in the box called Business Contact Manager which bills itself as an add-in to Outlook. Having just struck out on my own, I thought that a contact manager, a la Act, or Goldmine, might be helpful to me.  So I installed it. 

It didn’t seem to do much.  I dragged a few contacts into the Business Contacts Window, and didn’t think much of it.  Except that it was darned annoying now because for some reason I couldn’t resolve addresses against my old contact database.

A little while later, trying to shut down some other errant process on my PC, I brought up the task mangler and had a look through the process list.  WTF? SQL Server?

And then I had a look at one of my contacts.  Every last activity — email, note, appointment, etc made for any contact is being recorded in a SQL server database by Business Contacts Manager.  No more filing emails…

What a Godsend!  A database behind Outlook!

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