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Passover firebombing in Montreal

The story of the firebombing of a Jewish school’s libary in Montreal has been weighing heavily on me all day.  It was a cowardly and hateful act.  In the middle of the night, extremists of some sort, crept up to the school, threw fire accelerants through the windows and burned a children’s library.  Notes left at the scene of the crime said that the act was in response to Ariel Sharon’s recent actions in Israel.  They burned kids books in retaliation for the actions of a foreign government.

I spoke with some of my Jewish friends, who tell me that the community as a whole is badly shaken.  I also heard of other anti-semitic gestures and acts committed yesterday as well.  Some compared yesterday to Hitler’s Kristallnacht

I am not anti-immigrant — quite the contrary.  I value and embrace the diversity of Canadian society, and the people that come here to live. But gosh, I am worried that some of the folks that have been coming to live here are bringing unacceptable prejudices with them.  Come to my country and live, please.  But leave your baggage, your hatreds, and your feuds, at the door.

Burning children’s books.  What next?

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