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Scoble drinks the Koolaid    [10:14:53 PM]

Robert Scoble in My thoughts on the EU decision. It’s worth a read.  Personally, I had the exact same experience.  A headhunter talked me into taking a job with MSFT.  He told me they wanted me, and that in 18 months time he would be able to place me anywhere for triple what MSFT was offering.  So I took the job, even though I “hated” the company.

9 unforgettable, career-defining, years later I finally left.  Along the way we did some amazing stuff.  We worked hard, we played to win, and when we failed, we failed spectacularly.  That’s the price of success.  That’s the price of accomplishment.

Scoble — Microsoft execs have always listened.  For as long as I’ve known him, Ballmer has had a crushing schedule of customer meeting after customer meeting. He gets up at 5 AM most days, shoots hoops at the Pro-Club twice a week in the morning, and then does a mind-numbing 12 hour work day. Similarly Microsoft employees have always been online, even when there weren’t blogs.  Go look up Harry Goodwin and ask about Club Windows.  That’s where the MVP program originated from.

Microsoft is changing, sure.  But the outside world (especially Silicon Valley) has always preferred to think of Microsoft as being something different from what it is.


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