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Since yesterday I’ve had 46 respondents to my What’s the VoIP Killer App survey.  If I can get the responses up to 100, I’ll publish the results here for everyone to see.   So far, the leading feature that people want from VoIP is simply cheap long distance, followed by things that give you more control over the telephone experience. 

Zoomerang seems to be a pretty good tool.  For free, you can have a survey of up to 30 questions, with up to 100 respondents.  That means you can ask a group of individuals a series of questions, and get some raw data. 100 respondents is barely enough to get a result with a significant confidence interval. However, because the sample size is so small you can’t meaningfully segment the data.   That means you have to segment by list choice, rather than after the fact.  But, for an entrepreneur looking to gather some quick data to support a business plan, it could be just the thing you need.


  1. Setting up the survey is easy, but very slow. The web based interface is nice, but brutally slow.  They should find a way to speed it up — maybe by downloading a client app you can put on your desktop.
  2. A lot of the features I want are features you have to pay extra for.  For instance, if you’re not willing to pay the $699 annual subscription fee, you can’t get your results back anyway except over the web.  And, after 10 days those results disappear.
  3. Once the survey is running, you can’t correct mistakes.  So, for instance, I asked if anyone would like to beta test a service… what I should have asked for was email addresses.  Almost everyone said “Sure!”, and only two people identified themselves.  A simple text change would have allowed me to correct that oversight.

A friend sent a long a link to SurveyMonkey.  I’m going to try that one next.  Stay tuned…


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