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The killer VoIP app?

Parks Associates just published a new survey today stating that 52% of all broadband households found VoIP interesting.  They want on to tell that this was a survey of 3300 households, etc, and then analyst John Barrett stated:

“Consumers are looking at VoIP service as a replacement for their primary phone line, not as a secondary backup. VoIP could also serve as a lure for new broadband subscribers, given the strong interest among narrowband households. The market is still searching for a killer broadband application. Wouldnt it be ironic if it turned out to be telephone service?”

Ironic indeed.  What that suggests, of course, is that there’s no real killer app in voice.  I, for one, don’t believe that.  I’ve been itching for a while to be able to try out Zoomerang, which is an online survey tool.  So go to Zoomerang, and take my Zoomerang Survey  on what the killer voice over IP app is!  That’s the beauty of the web.  Anyone can be their own analyst.  Go on… take my survey!


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