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LinkedIn – more than just links

Randy at [iBLOGthere4iM] writes:

In the last month, I’ve received three contact requests thru linked-in. All three connections were painlessly established w/in the Linked-in network, but that is where the process ended. I’ve since emailed the contacts to find out what is up, only to have my emails ignored. Linked-in seems to be no different than Friendster, in that, everybody is simply using the tool to brag about the size of their network. Is their no software that escapes beyond this practice?

I am an enthusiastic user of LinkedIn.  I’ve successfully used it to reach very senior people in very large organizations, which is the point of networking.  Yes, quite a few contacts go nowhere.  But again, that’s how networking in the real world works… it just takes longer to go nowhere.

I look through the new additions to my network every day or two, looking for people who might potentially be of help to me.  It’s been fascinating to watch the chains of links.  A few weeks back, somebody inside Rogers Communications obviously must have gotten LinkedIn.  Over the next two weeks, the number of new people coming from Rogers just exploded.


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