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Changes in the Indian Economy

More and More, Made in India, from GigaOm: Om Malik’s Broadband Blog.  Five years ago I wrote a letter to the editor of the Seattle Times pointing out that if the US wanted to remain competitive in the software business it was going to have to have a labour force to do that.  The issue at the time was protectionism (when is the issue in Congress ever anything but protectionism?), with various pols in a flap over H1B Visas being granted to Indians to come and work in the US.  There are only two ways to get that labour force — home grow it, or import it.  They did exactly the wrong thing and sent some of the brightest of the software industry’s workforce home to India.  And in the process, they accelerated a cycle of Indian entrepreneurs turning to the homeland to produce new products to sell on the global stage. 

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