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Larry Spencer: Alliance MP

From this morning’s National Post, Alliance MP Larry Spencer thinks being gay should be illegal. Later in the day, the Globe and Mail reported that he had resigned his post as Alliance Family issues critic, and Stephen Harper was considering whether to boot him out of caucus and the party altogether.

Spencer said homosexuality was a conspiracy that began in the 1960s and included recruiting young boys in playgrounds and locker rooms to the movement. He said it also included the infiltration of North American’s judiciary, schools, religious community and entertainment industry. And he said it is only a matter of time before polygamy and pedophilia will be legalized.

What rock did this guy crawl out from under? 

The Smug Canadian writes:

Regardless what you think of this stuff, our government has more important things to do. No party can benefit from lunatic members like this; the Alliance would be better off handing a seat to the NDP than to allow people like this to remain in government.

It’s hard not to agree with that.  These comments have members from both the PCs and the Alliance scrambling into damage control mode.  Every possibility exists that without strong action by the Alliance, moderate PCs may vote down the merger agreement.  I’m not sure why Harper is even considering whether to keep him.


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