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2002 Tribal Merlot

Picked this little ditty up at the LCBO yesterday.  From the African Terroir winery in South Africa, it sports a leopard spotted label, and costs just $8.95.  How can you resist?  Even if the wine is terrible, one can still indulge in the irresistable incongruity of leopard spots and red wine.  My friend Mary-Pat would love this wine.  It was she who used to buy bottle after bottle of Sangre di Toro, just to enlarge her mantle piece collection of plastic bulls (Sangre di Toro came with a bull around the neck of each bottle).  We all knew it was plonk, but the bulls were too much fun.

OK – enough about the label.  What about the wine?  Oh yeah… the wine.  I’m still lost in the spots.  Let’s just call it drinkable swill.  Some nose, but not a lot.  Modest, but slightly vinegary finish.  The plummy taste of the merlot gamely tries to mask it, but it’s still there.  It’s the kind of wine that would be equally comfortable in a “bag and box” or a bottle.  A South African two-buck Chuck.

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