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Cloning: A Medical Procedure

This just in… the BBC is reporting that apparently clone #2 has just been born.

Sect says second cloned baby born. The group which says it has produced the first cloned human being announces that a second such baby has been born.

Doug Saunders, in this morning’s Globe and Mail, echoes my point of view on cloning exactly. "It’s a medical prodedure that is unlikely to be used by more than a few people, but with great humanitarian benefits."  We have close friends in very similar circumstances to his fictional Arthur and Maryam. 

Wired on the media coverage around Clonaid.  "Everybody loves a story about sex, Martians and weirdness."

Clonaid: Birth of a Media Menace?. As the public awaits evidence substantiating the claim that a woman associated with an obscure religious group has given birth to a cloned baby, scientists and journalists worry that extensive media coverage of the story has hurt their professional credibility. By Kristen Philipkoski.


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