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Other shopping

The other bit of shopping I did today, other than my new PC, was to visit the LCBO Vintages store.  Vintages brought Rosemount’s remarkable GSM (year 2000) in today.  This is a fabulous bottle of wine, albeit a little pricy at C$34.95.  I still have nine left from the 1999 vintage which are just starting to drink really well.  Stay tuned, I may open a bottle over the next few days.

I also grabbed a bottle of Hogue’s Genesis Merlot (1999), which I am sipping at right now in celebration of my triumphant VoIP experiences today.  The 1999 is still a little young and quite tannic.  Lovely fruity nose, and plenty of raspberry / currant flavours in the wine, but the tannins need time to settle out.  Nice long finish.  It would be worth grabbing a half dozen of these and cellaring them for a bit.

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