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Thierry and Guy Fat Bastard Shiraz

I picked up a bottle of this wine at the LCBO last week because it had such a lovely name.  Fat Bastard is a wine with an Australian name (Shiraz) but a French vitner.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t live up to the name.  It’s not a fat wine at all.  In fact, rather thin and vinegery.  The nose has some fruit to it, but also vinegar.  Colour was pale.  The wine itself thin, vinegary, with only hints of the deep cherry and licorice flavours one would expect from Shiraz.  Because of the unusual tactic of naming a French Syrah as Shiraz I had hoped for something better… at the very least a rhone style wine.  C’est la vie.  It was all marketing.

For $14.90 the RH Phillips Dunnigan Hills Syrah, or any of Wolf Blass’ Shiraz are a far far better buy.  This is an $8 bottle of wine.


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