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Packet 8

I just bought a Packet8 subscription, and the unit arrived in the mail yesterday.  What I physically got was a small box that you can plug a regular telephone into, and then plug that into your broadband connection. 

What it gives me is:

  1. Unlimited North American long distance calling for $20 US per month. 
  2. Super low rates to a huge number of other places.  How about $.05 to Europe or Australia?
  3. A new west coast local dial number (in the 425 area code) that friends who live out there can call me on.

It does this over my broadband connection.  I was worried that it would be a hassle to set up — configuring ports in my firewall and such.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  You plug the unit into the network jack on the wall, plug the phone into the unit.  Pick it up, and you have dialtone.  Voila!

Hate to say it Bell Canada, but you just lost my long distance business. This kind of service is going to cost a lot of telcos a lot of money.


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