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Art Thompson

The Globe and Mail reports that native artist Art Thompson is dead of cancer at the age of 54.  While living on the west coast, we became exposed to west coast aboriginal artists, and even collected a few pieces of work.  Thompson’s work is distinct, original, and very very beautiful.  Although I met several of artists there, mostly through associating with the good folks at Douglas Reynolds Gallery, we never had the opportunity to buy any of Thompson’s work.  It was very expensive, but I regret not having acquired at least one piece, now that it’s clear there won’t be any more.

Here are a few places to see some of his work. 

  • In the Microsoft Corporation art collection.  They did an exhibit on NW Coast artists a while back. 
  • At the Art of Man Gallery in Victoria, they have his Pooqoobs Transformation mask.  The image doesn’t do it justice because they’ve neglected to show it open.  When opened, the interior of the mask is painted grey to look like stone, and covered in white images designed to look like petroglyphs.  This is one of my favorite masks by any artist.
  • Stonington Gallery in Seattle has an excellent biography featuring some of his work. 


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