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Linking up with Linked In

Well, the more time goes by, the better LinkedIn get’s for me.  I’ve used it now to establish two potential customer relationships, hunt for a potential hire, and to consult with several industry experts.  I’ve invited all kinds of people, and now have 66 direct connections, which makes me one of the top networkers in the system, apparently.  And, I have over 2600 people in my network, growing at about 100 per day without any further action from me. 

Now, although I have 2600 people in my network, only 20 of my 66 direct connections have invited anyone else, and less than half of those have more than 2 connections.  So, last night I sent 30 pieces of email prodding people to invite more people.  We’ll see how it goes.

So far, though, I’m pretty impressed with LinkedIn.  Wish I had thought of it!


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