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Randy expresses disappointment with the latest Enterprise episode.  Human’s discover Borg frozen in the ice in Antartica.  One awakens, and starts to assimilate the researchers.  It’s kind of a resurrection of John W. Campbell’s classic sci fi movie, The Thing, crossed with a zombie movie, like Night of the Living Dead.  It’s a good yarn, and it was filmed with more of a horrific viewpoint, and nice musical tension in the soundtrack. 

Randy’s objection is that the first evidence of the Borg isn’t until ST:TNG Episode 126 The Neutral Zone, the finale to Season 1.  Even then, Picard doesn’t know that the disappearing outposts are the work of the Borg. The Federation doesn’t know about the Borg hundreds of years after the current episode is supposed to have taken place.  However, in the movie First Contact, Zephram Cochrane encounters the Borg, in a temporarily altered timeline, which occurs before the current Enterprise series.  The Next Generation crew defeats the Borg and returns to the 24th Century.  Of course, the movie leaves unanswered the temporal paradox that would create since the Federation would now know about the Borg several hundred years earlier but… that’s for the writers to figure out.

So, no plot discontinuity.  Convoluted?  You bet!


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