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Would you like a little whine with that cheese?

The Flyers took quite a drubbing yesterday at the Corel Centre.  This morning’s paper had Jeremy Roenick moaning about the quality of the reffing – complaining that not enough penalties got called on Ottawa.  Shoot, from where I sit there actually was some reffing going on in this last game, versus the WWF action we saw last Thursday night in Philadelphia.  Even so, it cuts both ways Jeremy.  Michal Handzus didn’t called on goalie interference last night, despite the fact that he had Lalime pinned to the ice with the blade of his stick and was noticeably pushing hard to keep him down.  Ottawa cleared the puck to the Flyers end and Handzus had to go play hockey instead of roughing up our goaltender.

Ottawa showed last night that if the Flyers want a physical game, Ottawa can play it.  Let’s finish this off on Monday night and be done with the Flyers schoolyard bully tactics.


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