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Southbrook Winery 1999 Cabernet Franc

Dinner tonight was roast chicken.  I wanted a nice light red to go with it, so I grabbed a bottle of Southbrook Cabernet Franc (LCBO $24.95).  It’s been a long week, and I’m exhausted.  The thought of a nice supper, and curling up with an intoxicating red is really too much to resist at this point.

Unfortunately, the Southbrook was a failure.  It’s fine as a food wine — made a nice complement to the chicken, to be sure.  However, before the chicken it was somewhat bland — a little alcoholic, hot on the tongue.  At just 12.5% the alcohol should have been much more subdued.  After dinner, any semblance of flavour had dissipated, and I was left with an alcoholic, thin wine.

It’s got a fine, although somewhat alcoholic smelling, nose.  The wine itself is a little bitter, a little acidic, not much tannin, not much fruit.  The finish is medium length, although mostly alcohol.

Not a wine I would buy again.  It tastes more like a $10 wine than a $25 wine.

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