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Sumac Ridge 1998 Meritage Black Sage Vineyard

This bottle has been sitting in the cellar for a while, so tonight I opened it.  We had grilled pork chops, a braised turnip and leek meli-melo, and fresh cucumber and tomato salad with it.

The wine is a VQA and Meritage Society certified wine.  It’s 50/25/25 Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, and 13% alcohol.  The 1998 is no longer available, but the 1999 is priced at $25/bottle.

On opening, it’s very closed.  VERY.  It has a hot, alcoholic nose, and a bitter, sour cherry taste. After about 30 minutes open, the nose develops into a nicely scented nose.  The taste still has a bitterness — like peach pips – but also fruit, leather, tobacco.  Long finish, with lots of tannins, and a touch of oak.

It’s a very dry, slightly bitter wine.  Would have been better with pepper steaks, or a very rich dinner, I think.  It may be a little young, too.  I have one more bottle, which I’ll save for a rainy day…

Update:  heavily sedimented — lots of oxalic acid crystals in the bottom of the bottle.  Had I known in advance, I would have decanted it.

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