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Malivoire 2002

A while back I ordered a couple of cases of Malivoire’s latest releases.  Malivoire is a Beamsville Bench winery in Niagara, which is most famous for it’s reserve chardonnay, which was chosen by our Governor General for the Rideau Hall wine cellar.

Ladybug ($15, only from the winery) is a full bodied rosé.  It has a great nose — lots of fruit, especially strawberry, to it.  The wine is relatively uncomplicated with a round, full bodied (for rosé) flavour with little acidity.  We had it with teryaki BBQ’d marlin, which was a fine accompaniment. It needs delicately flavored food.  For an hors d’oeuvre we ate wheat crackers with gorgonzola cheese, and the gorgonzola was really too much for this wine.

Five more bottles downstairs.  This will be a great summertime sipper for the hot sun and light food.

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