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Malivoire Shipment Arrives

My order from Malivoire arrived yesterday.  I was forced to pick it up on the way to work, which, of course, meant that we had to sample a couple there.

Malivoire’s 2001 Pinot Noir is light, and easy to drink with a powerful nose.  The wine has scents of wood — oak, maybe even cedar, cherries, black pepper, and a slight hint of maybe even fresh mushrooms.  Dry, cherry flavours, but a short finish.  $15.00 / 375 ml from the winery.

The Chardonnay Musqué is an unusual drink.  It’s made from a chardonnay hybrid that is very floral, very scented – the name means perfumed and “muscat like”.  This is a light, sweet wine, well balanced, with a bit of spritz.  At 9.5% you can casually sip it around the pool in the summer.  The winery suggests pairing it with spicy food too. Very nice, easy to drink, not cloying in the least. $17.00 from the winery.

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