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FM RadioStation Quick Review

This post is being written in FM RadioStation, which is a new skin, written in .NET, that rides on top of Radio. The software takes Radio’s functionality, and blocks it up into three categories — RSS news feed management/browsing, publishing, and web browsing.  It’s a very VERY eyecatching UI that gives access to much of what you can do in Radio today, and gets rid of some of the big complaints.  For instance, it’s possible to move away from a story in progress, move back, and not lose the work.

The UI is a three paned, tab dialog, which makes it really easy to see what posts you’ve created, read, and edit them.  I like it a lot.  The front page of my blog looks like this:

There are two flaws that will probably prevent me from using this a lot.  The first is simply that it’s slow on my PC.  It’s an older Pentium II, 400Mhz, running Windows XP, with just 192M of memory.  I’m going to have upgrade at some point.

The second flaw is that I actually find the news browser in Radio easier to work with.  The team at SocialDynamX should put some thought into this feature.  It’s very nice that it organizes the news postings the way it does in an expanding tree hierarchy.  What I need now is a way to efficiently tag the news items that are interesting, and delete the rest.  FM RadioStation makes it hard to do this because there is no "shift-multiselect" in the viewer window.  It would also be very handy to have a context menu in the tree pane that allows you to delete all of the news items from a particular source at once.  And finally, I’d like to be able to sort across multiple sources by topic. 

A nice start.


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