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Remove the plank from your eye, Nat Hentoff

Anti-Semitism in Canada. I don’t know who Nat Hentoff is, but he is clearly, unequivocally, wrong.   Yes, the incidents in question occurred, but they are few and far between in Canada. 

When anti-semitic incidents do occur in this country they are widely vilified.  Unlike the US, many types of anti-semitic behavior are hate crimes in this country.  We convicted the holocaust deniers Ernst Zundel and Jim Keegstra, and then sent them to jail.  Zundel and Keegstra would have had a “free speech” defense south of the border, and walked free, just like that nut Fred Phelps who runs the Westboro Baptist Church — see www.godhatesfags.com

Free speech advocates in the US argue that laws banning dissemination of hate are a form of thought control, and infringe on fundamental liberties.  The right to spread hateful lies about one group in society is not a liberty that is worth having.  To argue that one must have that right makes a mockery of everything that the founding fathers of the US stood for.

Mr. Hentoff plaintive little bleat “Shouldn’t Canadian multiculturalism include Jews” at the end of this piece is offensive.   What moral high ground does he, writing from Washington, have to stand on?  Fix your problems at home first, buddy!


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