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Marley Leger on the current

Marley Leger, wife of Cpl. Marc Leger, was on the news this morning while I was doing my workout.  I heard her interviewed again by Anna Maria Tremonti on The Current while I was driving in to work.  Today is the day that the trial of the American pilots who accidently killed her husband begins.  The simultaneous frailty, strength and unbelievable humanity of this woman in the face of her tragedy struck me.  If I should ever have to face something as difficult as she has been through, and is going through, were I to be just half the person she seems to be, I would count that a real accomplishment. 

Shine on, Mrs. Marc Leger.   You’re an example to us all, just as your husband apparently was.

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  • Nadine August 7, 2011, 10:10 pm

    I realize this article is OLD, however, Marc was a Sgt, not a Cpl.