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TiVo joins home network

Tivo follows ReplayTV‘s lead.  Both of these are excellent products.  I want one of them!  My PC is jammed full of digital photo’s that I want to show on my spiffy HDTV in the media room.   My home is wired with a network to allow me to do exactly that, including a network access point in the media room.  Neither ReplayTV or Tivo, however, are available here in Canada.  All we can get is Bell ExpressVu’s terrible 5100 unit. While living in the USA I bought both of ReplayTV’s first two generation products — the ReplayTV 1000, and the 3030.   My ReplayTV is collecting dust because there is no guide service available here.  I WANT MY REPLAYTV!!!  Hellooo…. is anyone at SonicBlue listening?

TiVo wants to join the home network. The digital video recording service company announces new software that essentially allows recorders to access and share content on home networks.

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