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If Rael is for real, it will be biology’s Chernobyl.

There has been a lot of conversation in our household over the last couple of days on cloning, and what Clonaid claims to have done.  For me, this article in the WSJ opinion pages captures my point of view neatly.  Cloning is not safe, yet, and may never be safe.  The "immorality" of humans "playing god" is not an issue for me.  It’s simply repugnant to bring a child into the world using this technology without resolving the known health problems first.  The Raelians rush to create a cloned human being is reckless and irresponsible. 

Louise Brown (the first IVF baby) is 25 today.  At the time, the theologians and politicians condemned those who brought her into the world, but today the furore is long over. IVF is just another reproductive technology, for those who’ve tried everything else.  If the bugs can be worked out of cloning, my belief is that it will come to be regarded in the same way that IVF is today. However, neither cloning nor IVF are ever going to constitute a significant percentage of conceptions in any year.  The old fashioned way is (a) too much fun (b) a lot cheaper and (c) for most people, more reliable… plus you can do it in the privacy of your own home with a glass of wine and warm sheets :)

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