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Sympatico’s mail service sucks.  I’ve been living with this for weeks… timeouts on the SMTP server, and mail sitting in my inbox for days at a time.  I can receive mail, but I’m basically mute when it comes to sending it.  Time to start looking around for a new service provider, methinks.

Matthew, if you’re looking for the Christmas list, here is the email I am currently trying to send you…

Christopher is getting himself a snowboard. Snowboard accessories would be good — goofy but cool hat, or book with snowboarding moves, or… you get the idea. Alternatively, I am going to the Dive Shop and get some accessories that we can use for the advanced diving cert. Specifically, I am going to buy him a dive knife. So, if there’s a dive shop in your area, then that’s a potentially good idea too. The stuff he has today is only the basic stuff – mask, fins, snorkel, regulator, boots, gloves. So, a slate, or a signal sausage, or a dive watch or… all are fine things. The dive watch might be out of the range you want to spend.

Jonathan’s big gift this year was Age of Mythology. If you found him something to go with that it would be perfect.  There’s usually a tricks and tips book out.  He had other stuff on his list, but I am at a loss to remember what it was.  He’s at a funny age though – outgrowing the lego but still not sure if he’s old enough to be a teen.  Goofy snowboard stuff might be good for him too.

Michael, Ben, and Peter all wanted Bey Blades, Lego systems, and Lego Bionicles. We got some Bionicles for each of them (new series only), plus some Lego. More Lego is always welcome. There are no Bey Blades in Ottawa, but Michael did get some for his Birthday.

As for Janice and myself… well, I’d love a subscription to Taunton Press’s Fine Gardening, but I think Janice is partial to the Lee Valley Tools stainless steel compost bucket. The compost bucket, of course, can be delivered directly to us by mail, and might be the better choice.



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