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Air Canada to launch Elite brand

Air Canada plans elite 40-seat jets. — Air Canada is set to launch yet another flying brand, called Elite, that will turn normal jets into luxury cruisers for expense-account-equipped business travellers.Elite will be a separate airline — one of five smaller brands spun off from the main airline — whose Airbus A-319 jets will contain about 40 seats, substantially less than the 120 or seats found in a regular A-319, Robert Milton, Air Canada’s chief executive officer, said yesterday.

Air Canada’s problem is not brand.   They have a huge debt, and no meaningful competition, which equates to high prices and no incentive for individuals to travel.  Example:  Over the past week I have been in Las Vegas.  The US Air fare was around $700.  Air Canada’s was in excess of $2,000.  Guess who I flew?


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