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Working Out

Today’s the beginning of my new workout regime.  After a summer of complete and utter laziness, accompanied by the consumption of much fine wine, I weighed myself on Saturday AM…. 187 lbs with a body fat percentage of 24.5% – I have one of those funky Tanita scales that measures not just how heavy you are, but also what your actual flab content is.  It’s not totally accurate — drink too much alcohol the night before, and the next morning you will find yourself retaining water and artificially depressing the BF reading.  (Hmmm… booze and get skinny… maybe there’s something in that!)

The goal is to be below 20% body fat. So, it’s back to the weights, and the treadmill. I am currently carrying approximately 45 lbs of fat.  If I can get to 170 and 20%,  I’ll be carrying 34 lbs of fat.  That’s 11 fat lbs to get rid of, and at 3500 calories per pound that translates into 38,500 calories to burn, or roughly 77 days of 500 calorie workouts on my treadmill.  Realistically, if I can work out 4 times a week, that means 20 weeks of work, or 5 months to get skinny.

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