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WiFi Video

RECORD: Local firm ups video standard – Gary Will’s Waterloo Technology weblog published this this morning.   A bunch of ex-PixStream employees who’ve developed an encoder that dramatically increases the amount of video that can be stored or transmitted. 

And, in an interesting development elsewhere, News.COM reports that Conexant is now marrying 802.11 with DSL modems. Wi-Fi to climb aboard modems. A combination communications-802.11b semiconductor will help build a set-top box that creates its own wireless network instead of just connecting to an outside wireless network.

The Conexant spokesperson is quoted as saying that this will allow manufacturers to build set-top boxes that automatically create a home network, and "use one device to send digital TV signals and computer games wirelessly to different computers or TVs".  Maybe this year, but with HD signals requiring 19.2 Mb/s of bandwidth, I don’t see this being a long term technology direction.  Unless, of course, developments like the PixStream encoder continue to roll out.

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